– If you suffer from stage fright, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! – You are likely far more critical of yourself than others are of you. – Learn your material well, and understand why it matters in the big picture. If you concentrate too hard on the dry data, it will come off as dry; letContinue reading PUBLIC SPEAKING TIPs

Cold Emailing

There are a multitude of reasons you might need to send a Cold Email at some point — i.e. an email to someone you have no prior relationship with. You might want to set up an interview with a manager; be connected to someone else this person knows; or maybe you want this person to readContinue reading Cold Emailing

Creating a Resume

A resume is a concise outline of your education, work experiences, skills, and accomplishments that are relevant to your employment goals. Your resume should be used to set you apart from other candidates who are applying to similar positions, so it is important to underline what you can uniquely contribute to the position that youContinue reading Creating a Resume