(Inclusive) Environmental Internship Opportunity: The Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program


Post from Belen Rodriquez on wes scamming:

if any of u are interested in environmental issues (I.e. not just like climate change sux let’s all buy Priuses but damn climate change affects certain groups of ppl significantly more than others and how can we change this) as it relates to food, water, land, & climate, u might be interested in applying to the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program!! ofc every program out there is flawed, but DDCSP is super accessible in that

1) if u get in, u get $4k for both summers,

2) u dont need to be an enviro studies major at all — u just have to show that u care about these issues one way or another, &

3) u have a guaranteed internship the second summer.

this program has historically been for underrepresented students in the enviro field and i’d love to talk more if youre interested. I’m also down to put in a good word for you & even write a letter of rec! 😊

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December 11, 2017 | Anonymous ’20

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